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Although I am not there in person, I am there always in spirit, and today I will be sitting on your shoulder as you celebrate your day.

I want to take this special occasion to thank you for all your love and support through the years.
I could always count on you for unconditional love and still do.

The trip home this Summer brought back so many great memories we shared back home.
Remember all the great deer hunting trips we went on, you taught me how to track them, and the treat when we got to have deer liver was so special!

Then there was helping you milk the cows, you squirting me in the face with the milk from the cow teat!
Remember when we went to Pueblo to get a load of baling wire?
On the way home had a flat tire, you said it was because I counted the train cars when it passed by.
And oh how we loved to sneak ice cream cones before we got home!!

Then there were those wonderful Saturday nights and the dances, those were some of my favorite memories.
Remember you would have me drink the 7Up out of the bottle so you could put whiskey in it!!
And don't forget the poor banjo that I spilled orange soda on!
Then there were the little doggies we went thru, my favorite was the little dachshund you bought, Cleo Doxey!

When I became the unruly teenager, you still were there for me,you never had to hollar, hit or scream at me, all you had to do was to give me those sad eyes.
So it is on your special day, Daddy, that I want to say a big THANK YOU, for being the very best Dad God ever made and I am so lucky He shared you with me!