Lord, forgive me that when life's circumstances lift me to
the crest of the wave, I tend to forget Thee.
Yet, like an errant child, I have blamed Thee
with my every failure, even as I credit,myself with every success.

When my fears evaporate like the morning mist,
then vainly I imagine that I am sufficient unto myself,
that material sources and human resources are enough.

I need Thee when the sun shines, lest I forget the storm
and the dark. I need Thee when I am popular, when my friends
and those who work beside me approve and compliment me.
I need Thee more then, lest my head begin to swell.

O God, forgive me for my stupidity, my blindness in success,
my lack of trust in Thee. Be Thou now my Saviour in success.
Save me from conceit. Save me from pettiness.
Save me from myself!
And take this success, I pray and use it for Thy glory.
In Thy strength, I pray. Amen.