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During this wondrous Easter Season
which is so full of promise
renewed hopes, the joy of new life

May we all remember the foundation of it's meaning
For without the love of God and the sacrifice of His Son

There would be no rebirth of our spirit
The promise of life eternal
the joy of going Home one day

If life on earth is the only reward
how dreary this life would be
The knowing that one day we will
leave here and join the Blessed Ones
is the very essence of our existence from day to day

As the majestic trumpet lilly displays
it's abounding beauty
So will we all raise our heads
when Gabriel sounds his trumpet calling us home

We thank you Lord for your unconditional love...

We celebrate in the true meaning of the Easter Season...

Keep us strong in our faith and give us the courage
to be worthy of your blessings on High!!!!!

~Linda Burgett~