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If you could not find a card
on my index page, I am offering
a personalized service for you to try.

No matter what event or occasion
you are looking for, I will build you a card to fit!

All you need to do is to Email
your request to me with your specifications.

I will need information as follows:

Colors desired
Type of music
Images desired
Type of occasion
Date needed
Send names of person(s) card is for

This is a great method to use
for birthdays, i.e. 21st bday, 30th, 40th, etc.
Wonderful for anniversaries, i.e. 10th, 25th, etc.
New baby in family, wedding, engagement,
new job, retirement.

The possibilities are endless!!

If you have something special to say
to someone, just send me the details
and I will be happy to build you what
you are looking for!!

Email me below!!