How often do we hear the expression..."Do it at all costs"?
As we travel thru this life of twists and turns
From the time we are small to the golden years
We are trained to do things at all costs...

To win the game or be popular we do it at all costs
Right or wrong, we justify mistakes
by reflecting on those powerful words...

At All Costs....

It is a good thing to protect those you love...
at all costs..

But it is not correct to claw your way
to the top, if you must hurt all costs
When does being successful in life become such an
obsession you must compete with all costs?

Is that cost worth the price of a friend or family member?
Friendship has no boundaries, it costs nothing
yet the rewards are endless, they are there
to comfort our broken hearts and bodies
They share their hearts and kind words
with not a thought of all costs

Families love, protect, cherish and grow old together
at all costs...
There is no reward required, it is an unspoken trust
unconditional love and support, ours from birth to the grave
Without the love and support of our family and friends,
we have little or nothing to help us survive

The ultimate example of this, is the greatest one event
of all time, when our Our Father sent His Son to die for us..

at all costs!!

God sacrificed the ultimate part of His life
to send Jesus to earth to spread the joy of unconditional love
He gave His Son to assure us of life eternal in Heaven with Him.

As you raise your children year after year...
could you send them to be crucified, to carry the Cross for others?

It all seems so clear when you realize the
agony God put Himself thru to see His Son suffer
so that we may have everlasting life..

Surely, if God gave His Only Son to save us all costs

We can return the honor and glory to Him
by living and spreading His Word to those we touch
Surely, we can be a true Christian...


~By Linda Burgett~